This steadily growing list of Chinese, Japanese and English language newspapers, periodicals, and related publications, published in China (mostly) and freely accessible online is collated with thanks from tweets by @MossonStone1 and other sources. Unless otherwise noted, all titles are hosted on Internet Archive as single issue PDFs. A full list of those on IA can also be found here, while they can be accessed as a single Internet Archive collection through this link, although there are gaps). Yan He, with support from Kahang  Kgau has also created an excellent map-based index of the material, which also has a useful table view.

Latest update: 16 January 2022.



Open access newspaper and periodical databases

Chinese Women’s Magazines in the Late Qing and Early Republican Period. A multi-national collaborative project funded by the Canadian SSHRC & Humboldt Foundation, with furthe rsupport from the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation. Includes  include Nüzi shijie (Women’s World, 1904-07), Funü shibao (The Women’s Eastern Times, 1911-17), Funü zazhi (The Ladies’ Journal, 1915-31), and Linglong (Elegance, 1931-37)


Early Chinese Periodicals Online. This growing platform, hosted at the University of Heidelberg, and the fruit of an international collaboration, is rich in copies of women’s and entertainment magazines.

Hoji Shinbun Digital Collection at the Hoover Institution Library & Archives provides open access to 15 Japanese language newspapers published in China


Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers database (1911 to 1949) from the Center for Research Libraries via East View Global Press Archive contains 292 titles and 70,000 issues.


MIT Visualizing Cultures. Platform includes a substantial run in high-resolution format of the Shanghai magazine 時代漫畫 Shidai manhua (Modern Sketch), 1934-1937, which can also be found at Colgate University Libraries, and the 1898 issues of 點石齋畫報 Dianshizhai huabao.


Modern History.Org Officially this is the ‘Anti Japanese War and modern Sino Japanese relations literature data platform’ (抗日战争与近代中日关系文献数据平台), but its holdings of digitized newspapers, periodicals, and much more, cover much more than this. The platform is a joint initiative of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Chinese Academy of History, National Library of China, and the State Archives Administration.


Old Hong Kong newspapers. This is the online, open to all, Hong Kong Libraries platform for its digitised newspapers. It includes the following Hong Kong Chinese newspapers: 香港工商日報 (Kung Sheung Daily News) (1926/04/01 – 1984/11/30),香港工商晚報 (The Kung Sheung Evening News) (1930/11/16 – 1984/11/29),華僑日報 (Wah Kiu Yat Po) (1947/05/01 – 1991/12/31),香港華字日報 (The Chinese Mail) (1895/01/31 – 1940/12/31),香港華字晚報 (Chinese Evening Mail) (1937/01/28 – 1938/01/27),大公報 (Ta Kung Po) (1938/08/13 –1991/12/31),天光報 (Tien Kwong Morning News) (1933/02/07 – 1940/11/30),遐邇貫珍 (The Chinese Serial) (1853/08 – 1856/05),循環日報 (Universal Circulating Herald) (1874/05/16 – 1886/01/30). See also the guides on this site to researching individuals in Hong Kong, and Shanghai, but which will also support research on other locales in China.


Although it does not host newspapers, the platform 《近現代人物資訊整合系統》(which it translates as The Integrated Information System on Modern and Contemporary Characters) established by the Institute for Modern History, Academia Sinica, contains a great many digitised biographical sources in Chinese, English and Japanese. The ‘Virtual Shanghai‘ platform, directed by Christian Henriot, and hosted by IrAsia at Aix Marseille Université contains a very large range of digitised texts, images, maps, and more. See also the inter-related the Bibliothèque numérique asiatique hosted by IRAsia, the Institut de Recherches Asiatiques, and the China Families listing of digitised residential and commercial directories. A very wide range of digitised material from post-1949 China can be found on or through the lists on, which also has pre-1949 and contemporary material. There are other more general platforms. One good listing of these is the list of Digital Resources and Projects on East Asia maintained by Paula R. Curtis.


Chinese newspapers and periodicals

安徽日報 Anhui ribao, 1941-1944: 695 issues, Bengbu, Anhui 


Anqing: 3 titles from Anqing: 皖報 Wanbao, 1934-1948: 127 issues; 民岩報 Minyanbao, 1921-1926: 93 issues; 安慶新報 Anqing xinbao, 1940-1944: 1,179 issues


31 issues of the Guangzhou magazine 半角漫畫 Banjiao Manhua or the “The Sketch” 1932-1935


北京大學日刊 Beijing daxue rikan Peking University Daily, 1917-1932. Over 2,800 issues.


北京女子高等師範週刊 Beijing nüzi gaodeng shifan zhoukan Peking Teachers College for Women Weekly,  1922-24. 70+ issues


Over 2,000 issues of the Chinese republican period newspaper 北京日報 Beijing ribao from 1906-1922


北京師大週刊 Beijing shida zhoukan, 91 issues, 1923-26 of this Peking Normal University weekly


國民新報 Beijing xinbao, 1925-1948: 628 issues


北平晨報 Beiping chenbao The Peiping Morning Post, 1930-1937: 2,413 issues, Beiping/Beijing


北平晚報 Beiping wanbao, 1931-1937: 2,002 issues, Beiping/Beijing


濱江日報 Binjiang ribao, 1937-1945 – over 2,300 issues published in Harbin during the Japanese occupation of Manchruria


常識 Changshi Common Knowledge, 1927-1931: 350+ (see also 大常識 Dachangshi


長壽 Changshou, 1932-1935: 122 issues, Shanghai


朝報 Chaobao, 1934-1937, 1945.10-1946 – Published in Nanjing; over 1,600 issues


晨報 Chenbao The Morning Post, 1918-1922: 1,257 issues, Beijing/Beiping


成都晚報 Chengdu wanbao, 1943-1949, 1,958 issues


成都新聞 Chengdu xinwen, 1933-1936, 500+ issues


誠報 Chengbao, 1916-1920: 126 issues, Shanghai


大常識 Dachangshi, 1928-1930, 200+ issues


大楚報 Dachubao, 1939-1945: 850 issues, Japanese-occupied Hankou, Wuhan


大公報 Dagongbao, 1936-7, 1945-1952: 3,155 issues, Shanghai edition


大光報 Daguangbao, 1939-1949: 3,016 issues, Shaoguan and Guangzhou


大美晚報 DaMei wanbao Ta Mei Wan Pao, 1933-1941, 3,182 issues, Shanghai. A Chinese edition of the American-owned Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury


大同報 Datong bao, 1933-1942, 3,300+, Changchun


大同日報 Datong ribao Ta Toung Jih Pao, 1934-1946: 710 issues, Hankou (Wuhan)


大英夜報 Daying yebao Ta Ying Yeh Pao, 1938-1946: 1,419 issues, Shanghai


大眾報 Dazhongbao Diario Tai Chung, 1941-1950: 2,000+ issues, Macao


大中時報 Dazhong shibao The Justice Herald, 1929-1937: 450+ scattered issues, Tianjin


黨軍日報 Dangjun ribao Tang Jiun Er Pao, 1939-1945: 2,104 issues, Chengdu See also 黃埔日報 Huangpu ribao


電聲日報 Diansheng ribao Radio Movie Daily News , 1932-1933. Over 470 issues, and easily the best masthead of the titles on this list.


Over 400 issues of 電影日報 (Dianying ribao Film daily) newspaper from wartime Shanghai 1940-1941


電影時報 Dianying shibao, 1932-1933. 200+ issues


東北日報 Dongbei ribao, 1945-1954: 2,400+ issues, Shanhaiguan


東方夜報 Dongfang yebao, 1946-1947: 315 issues, Chengdu


Over 800 issues of one of the most important Chinese journals of the 20th century, 東方雜誌 Dongfang Zazhi (The Eastern Miscellany) 1904-1948


東三省民報 Dongsansheng minbao, 1923-1932: 1,700+ issues, Shenyang


東亞晨報 Dongya chenbao, 1937-1943: 1,100+ issues, Tianjin


獨立評論 Duli pinglun “The Independent Critic”, 1932-1937 – 243 issues of this weekly. Hu Shi was Editor in Chief.


兒童日報 Ertong ribao, 1947-1949: 531 issues, Chengdu


佛教日報 Fojiao ribao, 1935-1937: 369 issues of the Buddhist Daily


佛學月刊 Foxue yuekan Buddhist studies monthly, 1940-1943 – 30 issues (poor quality)


婦女日報 1924 – The Funü Ribao (Women’s Daily)


35 issues of 婦女文化 Funü wenhua Women’s Culture” published in Nanjing and, for a time, in Hankou


Almost 350 issues of the Tianjin newspaper 婦女新都會 Funü xindu hui (1939-1943)


甘肅民國日報 Gansu minguo ribao, 1933-1949: 4,757, Lanzhou 


工人之路 Gongren zhi lu, 1925-1927: 412 issues, Guangzhou


工商導報晚刊 Gongshang daobao wankan, 1948-1949: 548 issues, Chengdu


廣州共和報 Guangzhou gonghebao, 1919-1937: 46 issues, Guangzhou (poor quality)


國民新報 Guomin xinbao National Gazette, 1912-1926: 254 scattered issues, Hankou (Wuhan)


國民政府公報 Guomin zhengfu gongbao December 1928-May 1948 – Over 1,900 issues of Gazette of the National Government of the Republic of China (including those issued by the collaborationist Reformed National Government led by Wang Jingwei.


國事快聞 Guoshi kuaiwen, 1932-1946: 110 issues, Shanghai


國聞報 Guowenbao 1897-1899 – over 400 issues of this newspaper edited by Yan Fu (some technical flaws)


國聞周報 Guowen zhoubao 1924-1937 — over 500 copies of this monthly magazine.


哈爾濱五日畫報 Haerbin wuri huabao “Wuu-Ryu Pictorial News Harbin” 1932-1939 – 200+ issues


漢口新聞報 Hankou xinwenbao, 1915-1938: 305 issues, Wuhan


漢口中西報 Hankou Zhongxi bao Hankow Times, 1907-1937: 1,894 issues, Hankou (Wuhan). Quality can be poor.


紅色中華 Hongse Zhonghua Red China 1931-1937 – 450+ issues of this Jiangxi Soviet newspaper. Changed title to 新中華報 January 1937 with these uploaded issues continuing into 1938. Succeeded by 新中華報 Xin Zhonghuabao 1939-1941 – 200+ issues, published in Yan’an


糊裡糊塗 Huli hutu, 1927-1928 – 83 issues of this Shanghai title, possibly the best named newspaper ever (‘Confused’ or ‘Muddled’).


湖南國民日報 Hunan guomin ribao, 1928-1949 (Changsha): 6,800+ issues (uneven file quality)


華北日報 Huabei ribao Hwa Wei Yih Pao Peiping, 1929-1949: 4,113 issues, Beiping/Beijing


華北新報 Huabei xinbao, 1944-45: 518 issues, Japanese-occupied Beijing (mostly poor quality)


華北新聞 Huabei xinwen North China Gazette, 1921-1928: 1,000+ issues, Tianjin


華北新聞 Huabei xinwen, 1942-1948: 2,150+ issues, Xi’an


華僑報 Huaqiao bao Jornal Wah Kiu Po, 1938-1950: 2,500+ issues, Macao. newspaper on Internet Archive with full issue PDF downloads. Later also known as Jornal Va Kio.


黃報 Huangbao, 1921-1928: 1,350 issues, Beijing


黃埔日報 Huangpu ribao, 1945-1949: 1,544 issues, Chengdu See also 黨軍日報 Dangjun ribao


Over 1,500 issues of 吉長日報 JiChang ribao newspaper (covers Jilin and Changchun) 1909-1922


極樂世界 Jile shijie, 1927-1928: 80 issues, Shanghai


建設日報 Jianshe ribao, 1946-1949: 763 issues, Chengdu


江聲報 Jiangshengbao, 1918-1951: 3,310 issues, Xiamen 


Over 2,100 issues of 解放日報 Jiefang ribao (1941-1947)


津報 Jinbao, 1905-: 400+ issues, Tianjin


進步日報 Jinbu ribao, 1949-1952: 1,388 issues, Tianjin


晉察冀日報 Jin-Cha-Ji ribao Zinchagi Rhpao, 1938-1948: 2,767 issues, Yan’an, CCP Jin-Cha-Ji  Border Area 


金剛鑽 Jingangzuan, 1923-1937: 2,800 issues, Shanghai


京報 Jingbao King Pao 1940-1944: 1,260+ issues, Japanese-occupied Nanjing


晶報 Jingbao The Crystal, 1919-1940: 4,201 issues, Shanghai


救亡日報 Jiuwang ribao, 1937-1941: 663 issues, Guangzhou


抗戰日報 Kangzhan ribao / 晉綏日報 Jinsui ribao, 1940-1949: 2,137 issues, Xingxian興縣, Shanxi, many issues poor quality


快樂世界 Kuaile shijie, 1927: 35 issues, Shanghai


叻報 Lat Pau Lebao, 1887-1932: 11,568 issues, Singapore


禮拜六 Libai liu, 1928-1932: 200 issues, Shanghai


Over 2,000 issues of the Shanghai newspaper 立報 Li bao (1935-1938, 1945-1949)


聯合畫報 Lianhe huabao, 1942-1949: 125 issues, Chongqing


聯益之友 Lianyi zhi you, 1925-1931: 183 issues, Shanghai


良友 Liangyou– all 174 issues of “the most attractive and popular magazine in China” between 1926-1945, as The Young Companion referred to itself


The majority of the 292 monthly issues of Ling long 玲瓏 magazine published in Shanghai between 1931-1937 from Columbia Digital Collections via Internet Archive.


龍報 Longbao The Lung Pao, 1928-1932: 295 issues, Shanghai


滿洲報 Manzhou bao, 1922-1936: 4,900+ issues of this Chinese language newspaper published in Japanese controlled Dalian/Dairen. This joins previously linked Dalian/Dairen newspapers 泰東日報 and the Japanese language 滿洲日報


The 1945-1947 Taiwanese newspaper 民報 Minbao  (nearly 500 issues). Also available open access, along with full metadata at article level with several other publications through the 國立公共資訊圖書館


民報 Minbao Minpao Magazine, 1905-1910 – 27 issues of this organ of the revolutionary Tongmenghui, published in Kanda, Tokyo


閩報 Minbao, 1898-1937. Published in Fuzhou: a fragmentary run of 450+ issues across this period.


民報 Minbao, 1932-1937: 1,976 issues, Shanghai


民意報晚刊 Minyi wanbaokan, 1946-1947: 489 issues, Chengdu


The KMT newspaper 民國日報 Minguo ribao, published in Shanghai (1916-1932, 1945-1947.1)


南京日報 Nanjing ribao – over 1,700 issues, 1934.10-1937.10, 1946-1949


南京晚報 Nanjing wanbao, 1929-1937, 1945-1949 (and the Chongqing edition from 1938-1949): 7,000+ issues


南京新報 Nanjing xinbao, 1938-1941: 1,100+ issues


南通 Nantong The Nantung Times, 1919-1936: 681 issues, Nantong


南粵日報 Nanyue ribao, 1940-1942: 440+ issues佛山 Foshan


寧波日報 Ningbo ribao, 1943-1949. 944 issues


平報 Pingbao, 1921-1938: 5,486 issues, Beijing/Beiping


平報 Pingbao, 1940-1945: 1,762 issues, Japanese occupied Shanghai


青島民報 Qingdao minbao, 1932-1937 – Over 1,500 issues of this Qingdao newspaper


青島時報 Qingdao shibao, 1932-1937, 1946-: 1,875 issues of this Qingdao newspaper


青島新民報 Qingdao Xinmin bao, 1938-1944 – 1,000+ issues published during the Japanese occupation (later changed title to 青島大新民報


清議報 Qingyibao The China Discussion 49 issues from 1898-1900 of this journal founded by Liang Qichao (Internet Archive) A fuller run can be found on the Bibliothèque numérique asiatique hosted by IRAsia, the Institut de Recherches Asiatiques, along with much else besides.


求是報 Qiushi bao, 1925-1937. Fuzhou. 898 issues.


群強報 Qunqiangbao, 1913-1936: 3,330 issues, Beijing/Beiping


人民日報 Renmin ribao People’s Daily 1945-1949


三民半月刊 Sanmin banyuekan, 1928-1932, 70 issues


掃蕩報 Saodangbao, 1935-1938: 1,155 issues, Wuhan


山東榮軍 Shandong rongjun, 1949-1951: 102 issues


39 issues of the journal 上海婦女 Shanghai Funü (Shanghai Women) 1938-1940


上海畫報 Shanghai manhua Pictorial Shanghai 460+ issues 1925-1932


上海日報 Shanghai ribao, 1938-1943: 1,652 issues, Shanghai


上海市政府公報 Shanghai shizhengfu gongbao, 1928-1949 : 200+ scattered issues of the Shanghai municipal gazette from 1929, 1930, 1932, a few from 1936-8, 1946, and 1947-48


上海書壇 Shanghai shu tan, 1948-1951: 179 issues, Shanghai


上海小報 Shanghai xiaobao, 1940-1941: 150+ issues


20 issues of 上海影壇 Shanghai Yingtan (Shanghai Cinema) 1943-1945


商務日報 Shangwu ribao, 1914-1950: 6,613 issues, Chongqing  


商報 Shangbao Shanghai Journal of Commerce, 1921-1950: 3,931 issues, Shanghai


商業新聞 Shangye xinwen, 1944-1949: 179 issues, Guangzhou


少年世界 Shaonian shijie 1920-1921 – 13 issues of “Young World”, and 48 issues of 少年中國 Shaonian Zhongguo 1919-1924 – “Young China” journal published by the Young China Association


社會日報 Shehui ribao, 1922-1926: 1,440 issues, Beijing


申報 Shenbao Shunpao, almost 27,000 issues from 1872 to 1949 of Shanghai’s major, and longest-published daily. The scale of editing the metadata has prompted a request for contributors to share the task.


盛京時報 Shenjing shibao (Shenyang), 1906-1944 – 11.5k+ issues


神州日報 Shenzhou ribao The National Herald, 1907-1946: 6,400+ issues, Shanghai


時報 Shibao Eastern Times (Shanghai), 1913-1939 – 12150 copies


時代日報 Shidai ribao, 1945-1948: 954 issues published by the Soviet TASS news agency in Shanghai


市民日報 Shimin ribao, 1937-1946: 123, issues, Shanghai


世界日報 Shijie ribao The World Morning Post, 1925-1928: 708 issues, Beijing


時事公報 Shishi gongbao, 1936-1945: 1,100+ issues, quality variable. Ningbo.


時事新報 Shishi xinbao China Times, 1911-1948 – ver 13,000 issues. Both Shanghai edition 1911-37, 1945-7 and Chongqing edition 1938-48.


蘇報 Subao 1896-1899, 1903 – over 550 issues of this revolutionary newspaper


蘇州明報 Suzhou ming bao, 1925-1949. Over 5,000 issues of this Suzhou newspaper via the Center for Research Libraries Digital Delivery System


泰東日報 Taidong ribao, 1920-1943: 6,300+ issues, Dalian/Dairen


泰晤士報 Taiwushi bao (The Chinese Peking & Tientsin Times), Tianjin, 1918, 1926-1930: 1,300 issues


天風報 Tianfeng bao, 1930-1938: 1,200+ issues, Tianjin. In 1938 the newspaper became the 天風畫報 Tianfeng huabao


天風畫報 Tianfeng huabao, 1938-1939: 201 issues, Tianjin


天津商報 Tianjin shangbao, 1928-: 1,700+ issues


天聲報 Tianshengbao, 1937-1943: 1,930 issues


Over a hundred issues of the 跳舞日報 Tiaowu ribao (Dancing Daily) newspaper from wartime Shanghai (1940-1942)


衛生報 Weisheng bao, 1927-1930: 53 issues, Shanghai


文化新聞 Wenhua xinwen, 1940-1945: 139 issues, Chongqing


文匯報 Wenhuibao, 1938-1945: 606 issues, Shanghai


70 issues of 文藝新聞 Wenshu xinwen 1931-1932


文學 Wenxue Literature, 1933-1937


武漢日報 Wuhan ribao, 1929-1948: 5,457 issues, Wuhan (and elsewhere, during the Japanese occupation)


戊午日報 Wuwu ribao Wu-Wo 1919-1920 – There are 200 issues of this Chengdu


西北日報 Xibei ribao, 1933-1949: 3,951 issues, Lanzhou


西京日報 Xijing ribao, 1933-1949: 5,472 issues, Xi’an 


戲世界 Xi shijie, 1935-1945: 866 issues, Shanghai


Some 45 issues of 現代婦女 Xiandai funü  (Modern Women), a Communist Party women’s magazine 1943-1947


湘學報 Xiang xuebao 1897-1898 – 7 issues of this late Qing dynasty reformist journal published in Changsha


笑報 Xiaobao, 1926-1931: 529 issues, Shanghai


小小日報 Xiaoxiao ribao, 1925-1936: 355 issues, Beijing/Beiping


新北京 Xin Beijing 1938-1943, 1,900+ issues of this collaborationist newspaper


新春秋 Xinchunqiu New Suncheo, 1928-1937: 300+ issues, Shanghai newspaper


新華日報 Xinhua ribao Sin Xua RHBAB 1938-1947: 3,226 issues of this Communist Party newspaper published in Hankou (Wuhan) and later in Chongqing


新民報 Xinminbao, 1931-1950. 3000+ issues, published in Nanjing.


新民報 Xinminbao, 1940-1944: 1,100+ issues, collaborationist paper, published first in Tianjin, then Beijing


新民報 Xinminbao, 1940-1944: 1,106 issues of the Shandong edition of this collaborationist newspaper (aside from one or two pages, the content is identical with the Tianjin/Beijing title)


新秦日報 1921-1945 Xin Qin Ribao – Xi’an


新青年 Xin Qingnian 1915-1926 – Over 60 issues of New Youth (La Jeunesse) magazine


新商報 Xin shangbao, 1944-1949: 584 issues, Nanchang See also 新聞日報 Xinwen ribao


Over 2,500 issues of the wartime newspaper 新申報 Xin Shenbao (1937-1945), sponsored by the Japanese military


新世界 Xinshijie The New World, 1918-1927: 3,018 issues, Shanghai


Over 6,000 issues of the Chongqing newspaper 新蜀報 Xinshubao (New Sichuan Daily) 1926-1950


新蜀夜報 Xinshu yebao, 1938-1947: 607 issues, Chongqing 


新天津 Xin Tianjin Tientsin Ex Novis, 1924-1944: 4,683 issues, Tianjin


新天津畫報 Xin Tianjin huabao New Tianjin Pictorial – 1,800+ issues, 1933-1943


新聞日報 Xinwen ribao, 1937-1949: 918 issues, Nanchang. See also Xin shangbao


新聞報 Xinwenbao Sin Wan Pao, Shanghai: 10,000+ issues from 1893 onwards, poor quality files from 1920s onwards


Over 6,000 issues of the 新新新聞 Xinxin xinwen New New News, newspaper from Chengdu, Sichuan 1930-1950


新夜報 Xin yebao Shanghai Morning Post, Evening Edition, 1932-1949: 2,364 issues, Shanghai


新中國報 Xin Zhongguo bao The New China Daily News, 1940-1945: 1,631 issues, Japanese occupied Shanghai


新中華報 Xin Zhonghuabao, 1929-1937. Published Nanjing, 2,267 issues


幸福報 Xingfubao, 1928-1931: 360 issues, Shanghai


星期 Xingqi 1922-1923 – 48 issues of “The Sunday” magazine edited by Bao Tianxiao and associated with the “Mandarin Ducks and Butterflies” genre


幸福報 Xingfu ribao, 1928-1931: 360 issues, Shanghai


燕京新聞 Yanjing xinbao 1934-1948: 361 issues, Beiping and Chengdu


影劇生活 Ying ju shenghuo, 1932-1933. 180 issues


庸報 Yongbao – 6,000 issues of this major Tianjin newspaper, 1926-1944


遊戲報 Youxi bao, 1897-1904. Published in Shanghai, 515 issues available.


遠東日報/遠東飯店日刊 Yuandong ribao / Yuandong fandian qikan 1926: 359 issues of a daily paper for guests of the Far Eastern Hotel in Shanghai (遠東飯店)


越華報 Yuehuabao Yuet Wah Po, 1927-1950 – There are 3,212 issues


浙江新聞 Zhejiang xinwen, 1934-1937, 1948: 753 issues, Hangzhou


正報 Zhengbao, 1936-1949: 2,201 issues, Hangzhou


正言報 Zhengyan bao, 1940-1941, 1945-1948: 1,555 issues, Shanghai


之江日報 Zhijiang ribao, 1913-1935: 357 issues, Hangzhou


知用校報 Zhiyong xiaobao, 1928-1947: 166 issues, Guangzhou


中報 Zhongbao Chun Pao, 1940-1945: 1,900+ issues, occupied Nanjing


中國攝影 Zhongguo sheying 1946-1949 – 24 issues of China Photography


中華日報 Zhonghua ribao, 1928-1945: 3,949 issues, Shanghai


中美日報 ZhongMei ribao Chinese American Daily News, 1938-1946: 1,288 issues, Shanghai


Over 7,000 issues of 中央日報 Zhongyang ribao Central Daily 1928-1948


字林滬報 Zilin Hubao, 1882-1899: 4,523 issues of this Chinese version of the North China Daily News


總匯(新)報 Zonghuibao (Zonghui xinbao) The Union Times, 1906-1946: 9,615 issues, Singapore


最小報 Zuixiaobao, 1922-1925: 188 issues, Shanghai



Around 2,500 issues of the Japanese language newspaper 新京日日新聞Shinkyō nichinichi shinbun, published in Changchun/Shinkyō/Xinjing, the capital of Japanese Manchuria/滿洲國


The Japanese language magazine 北支Hokushi (1939-1943) published by the 華北交通株式会社資業局 during the Japanese occupation of China


滿洲日報 Manshū Nippō – over 3,300 issues of this Japanese language newspaper, published in Dalian, 1906-1935


内外タイムス Naito taimusu The Nagai Times: 321 issues of this Japanese language newspaper aimed at overseas Chinese in Japan, 1955


Over 3,600 issues of 臺灣日日新報 Taiwan nichinichi shinpo. Only years 1932-1944. In early years the last page or two are in Chinese.


English language

The China Weekly Review 1923-1940. 1,108 issues of this Shanghai-based news magazine


The Chinese Times, 1888-1891, volumes 2 to 5 of this newspaper published in Tianjin (Googlebooks). These are full-text searchable.

volume 2 1888,

volume 3 1889,

volume 4 1890,

volume 5 1891.


The Far Eastern Review 1904-1941 – Over 440 issues of this Manila and later Shanghai based monthly journal. For a contents list and introduction by Peter A. Crush see here.


An incomplete run of Israel’s Messenger, Official Organ of the Shanghai Zionist Federation, 1904-1934. Brill’s (subscription) Israel’s Messenger Online is fuller (1904-1941). As with all Brill’s online newspapers, it is possible to search this without a subscription, although only limited text is viewable.


The Japan Weekly Mail (1870-1917), an important English language newspaper from Yokohama. Missing: chunks of 1871-3, 1885, 1887.1-8, 1890.1-6, 1891.7-12, 1892.1-6, 1893.1-6, 1909.1-6, 1910.1-6, 1911, 1912.7-12, 1913, 1914, 1915.16, and 1916. The relationship between the foreign communities in Yokohama and in Shanghai was close, and it is always worth cross-referencing for news.


The London and China Telegraph (1860-1877; two years missing) by annual bound volumes and divided into some 650 issues


Millard’s Review of the Far East 1917-1921. Continued as Weekly Review of the Far East (below)


North China Herald years 1850-1941, with one or two missing issues (3,789 issues)


Old Hong Kong Newspapers includes the following titles: China Mail (1866/01/04 – 1961/12/29),Hong Kong Daily Press (1864/01/04 – 1941/09/30),Hong Kong Sunday Herald (1929/01/06 – 1950/10/29), Hong Kong Telegraph (1881/06/16 – 1951/03/30), Hong Kong Weekly Press (1895/01/03 – 1909/12/24)


A good run of the translation of the Peking Gazette (see also SOAS digital collections)


The Weekly Review of the Far East from 1921-1923. Continued as The China Weekly Review (above)