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Links below for CMCS publications by series. There are multiple entries here where we have identified the location of specific copies of items in various libraries. On the whole we looked at catalogues of the Bodleian, Cambridge University, School of Oriental and African Studies, Library of Congress, British Library and Hong Kong University

  1. Statistical Series (PDF, 212Kb)
  2. Special Series (PDF, 219Kb)
  3. Miscellaneous Series (PDF, 225Kb)
  4. Service Series (PDF, 217 Kb)
  5. Office Series (PDF, 234Kb)
  6. Inspectorate Series (PDF, 192Kb)
    Other CMCS publications listed in the 1940 bibliography (PDF, 228Kb)

Download a copy of the 1940 bibliography (PDF, 3.15Mb ), as printed in Volume VII of Documents Illustrative of the Origin, Development, and Activities of the Chinese Customs Service.


See this page for links to some of these Customs publications which have been digitized and are freely available online.


For help in the compilation of this database we are grateful to Donna Brunero, Richard Horowitz, and Andrea Breard