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Digitization projects such as Google Books and others have scanned numerous books published by the Maritime Customs. The list below is a preliminary one of publications that can all be accessed online and downloaded as PDF files via Internet Archive (hint: if you seem unable to access a PDF click on the link ‘All files HTTP’).


Harvard University has placed online in digital form a great number of Customs publications, as part of its collaboration with Professor Wu Songdi at Fudan University. THese are accessible though searching its library catalogue.


A glossary of the principal Chinese expressions occurring in postal documents (1906), Ferguson, Jan Willem Helenus


An epitome of the Reports of the Medical Officers to the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs (1884). See also here.


An inquiry into the commercial liabilities and assets of China in international trade (1904)


Banking and prices in China  (1903) Edkins, Joseph


Catalogue of the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs Collection at the United States International Exhibition , Philadelphia. (1876)


Catalogue of the Chinese Collection of Exhibits for the New Orleans Exposition 1884-85 (1884)


Chang Fu-yun: Reformer of the Chinese Maritime Customs: an oral transcript;; The Bancroft Library, regional Oral History office, 1976-1983 (c.1987)


Chinese currency  (1901), Edkins, Joseph


Chinese Maritime Customs. Staff Organisation and Control (Shanghai, 1936)


Chinese music (1884) Van Aalst, J. A.


The Coastwise Lights of China: An Illustrated Account of the Chinese Maritime Customs Light Service (Shanghai, 1932) Banister, T. Roger


Customs Export Tariff of the Republic of China (1934)


Customs Gazette (also known as Quarterly Returns of Trade). Nos.1-4 (1869) (on Internet Archive); Nos. 5-8 (1870) (on Google Books); Nos.11-36 (1871-1877) (on Internet Archive). As well as trade data, this has records of staff appointments, transfers, and withdrawals.


Custom officers’ English-Chinese vademecum, compiled with a view to being useful to members of the Chinese maritime customs service (1915), Okamoto, D.


Customs, Officers in Charge 1859-1921 (1936)


Customs, officers in charge 1921-35 (1936)


Customs Medical Reports, reports nos 1-60 (1870-1900), and 68-80 (1904-10), have been scanned and placed online by the US National Oceanographic Data Center.


Drew, Edward B., ‘Sir Robert Hart and His Life Work in China’, The Journal of Race Development 4:1 (1913), pp. 1-33.


Hai kuan yü yen pi hsü = An Anglo-Chinese glossary for customs and commercial use (1914) Williams, C. A. S.


Handbook on etiquette in Chinese official intercourse (1912), Li Mao-hsün


Index to the postal working map (1904)


King, Paul, In the Chinese Customs Service (1924).


List of medicines exported from Hankow and the other Yangtze ports (1909)


Mason, Charles Welsh, “The S.G.” : a romance of Peking (1900)


[Mason, Charles Welsh] Croskey, Julian, The Shen’s pigtail, and other cues of Anglo-China life (1894)


Memorandum on wild silkworm culture in South-eastern Manchuria (1908)


Names of places on the China coast and the Yangtze River (1904)


Opium (1881)


Opium : historical note = or, The poppy in China (1889), Edkins, Joseph


The Origin and Development of the Chinese Customs Service, 1843 – 1911: An Historical Outline (Shanghai, 1936), Wright, Stanley F.


Piece goods manual : Fabrics described; textile, knit goods, weaving terms, etc., explained ; with notes on the classification of samples (1917), Blanco, A.E.


Provisional Instructions for the Guidance of the In-Door Staff. First issue (Shanghai, 1878)


Quarterly Returns of Trade, 1869, 1870, 1871-1877. See Customs Gazette, above.


Record of services given and honours attained by members of the Chinese Customs Service, War 1914-1918 (1922)


Reports on Trade at the Treaty Ports (1859-1864)


Reports on Trade at the Treaty Ports (1864)


Reports on Trade at the Treaty Ports (1866)


Reports on Trade at the Treaty Ports (1867-69)


Reports on Trade at the Treaty Ports (1868)


Reports on Trade at the Treaty Ports (1869)


Reports on Trade at the Treaty Ports (1870-72)


Reports on Trade at the Treaty Ports (1871)


Reports on Trade at the Treaty Ports (1873-74)


Reports on Trade at the Treaty Ports (1875)


Reports on Trade at the Treaty Ports (1876)


Reports on Trade at the Treaty Ports (1880)


The revenue and taxation of the Chinese empire (1903),  Edkins, Joseph


Revised import tariff for the trade of China. 31st October 1902


Sir Robert Hart: The Romance of a Great Career (1909), Bredon, Juliet


Text book of documentary Chinese, with a vocabulary, for the special use of the Chinese customs service (Volume 1) (1885), Hirth, Friedrich, 1845-1927


Text book of documentary Chinese, with a vocabulary, for the special use of the Chinese customs service (Volume 2) (1885), Hirth, Friedrich


Trade statistics of the treaty ports, for the period 1863-1872 (1873). Prepared for the Austro-Hungarian Universal exhibition, Vienna, 1873.


Typhoon anchorages (1893)


War 1914-1918: Record of Services given and Honours attained by of the Chinese Customs Service (Shanghai, 1922)


The working of the Shanghai Office (1881)