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The following is an incomplete list of papers relating to the life and work of Customs staff held in libraries and archives.


Acheson, Guy Francis Hamilton, and Bowra, Cecil Arthur Verner (School of Oriental and African Studies – SOAS)


Aglen, Sir Francis Arthur (SOAS)


Stella Benson, wife of James O’Gorman Anderson, CMCS (British Library, Cambridge University Library)


Blackburn, Jack F. (SOAS)


Bland, J.O.P. , unpublished memoir re early career in IMCS (Thomas Fisher Rare Books Library, University of Toronto)


Bowra, Cecil Arthur Verner (SOAS)


Bowra, Edward Charles Mackintosh (SOAS)


Bredon, Sir Robert , letters to G.E. Morrison (State Library of New South Wales)


Campbell, James Duncan (SOAS)


Campbell, James Duncan, c1881-94 : correspondence with Lord Rendel (National Library of Wales)


Drew, Edward B. (Harvard) Papers and photographs, available via Harvard Yenching Library and on Historical Photographs of China platform.


Fitzroy, George H. (SOAS)


Gander, Owen D. (Imperial War Museum)


Hancock, William (Cambridge University Library)


Hart, Sir Robert , correspondence with J. D. Campbell, letter books, etc; typescript of correspondence and copies of letters to Sir Francis Aglen (SOAS)


Hart, Sir Robert (Queen’s University Belfast). Some of this, including photographs, and his 1884-85 journal, is available online here.


Hart, Sir Robert (British Repositories)


Hart, Sir Robert (University of Hong Kong Library) | Handlist (PDF, 276Kb)


Hedgeland, R.F.C. (SOAS) | Handlist (PDF, 110Kb)


Henry, Dr Augustine, surgeon and botanist: Papers, National Library of Ireland | Diaries at National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin | Biographical sketch, NUI

Biographical sketch, NBG


Hippisley, A.E. (Bodleian)


Lawford, Lancelot (SOAS)


Lay, Horatio Nelson (National Archives of Canada)


Little, Lester Knox (Harvard) Little’s journals for the years 1943-1954 have now been edited by Chihyun Chang and published in 4 volumes by Routledge,


Lovatt, William Nelson (University of California, Berkeley), Bancroft Library BANC MSS Z-Z 154


Lowder, H.G. (SOAS) | Handlist (PDF, 105Kb)


Maze, Sir Frederick (SOAS)


Maze, Sir Frederick (National Maritime Museum – NMM)


Maze, Sir Frederick (Imperial College)


Merril, H.F. (Harvard)


Morse, Hosea Ballou (Harvard)


Nicoll, D.M., son of Customs officer (Imperial War Museum)


Piry, Théophile (Queen’s University Belfast)


Straight, Williard Dickerman (Cornell University Library). These papers have been digitised, and are available here.


Talbot, Roy Maxwell (Sonoma State University Library). Handlist and digital collection.


Traintor, Edward C. (New York Public Library), papers and digital collection.


Wright, Stanley Fowler (Queen’s University Belfast) | Handlist and digital collection.